Apache Axis2 Tools

Axis2 is bundled with a set of tools in order to make users' life easier. This page is maintained to keep track of the tools supported by Axis2.

Name Description
Code Generator Tool- Command Line & Ant Task Tool consists of a command line version and an Ant Task. It is implemented by the WSDL2Code class and WSDL2Java class. One can choose to run the main classes directly or use one of the scripts to run the WSDL2Code and WSDL2Java appropriately.
Service Archive Wizard - Eclipse Plug-in As part of the Axis2 tool set, the service archive generator is an important tool that allows the generation of service archives ("aar" file or a "jar" files) that can be deployed as a Web services to the Axis2.
Code Generator Wizard - Eclipse Plug-in Axis2 code generator comes built-in with an eclipse plug-in. This can be used to generate a WSDL file from a java class (Java2WSDL) and/or a java class file from a WSDL (WSDL2Java)
Code Generator Wizard - IntelliJ IDEA Plug-in Using this tool one can create service archives that can be deployed as a Web services to the Axis2, and also generate a java class file from a WSDL file (WSDL2Java).
axis2-aar-maven-plugin This plugin generates an Axis2 service file (AAR file).
axis2-mar-maven-plugin This plugin generates an Axis2 module archive file (MAR file).

This plugin takes as input a Java class and generates a WSDL, which describes a Web service for invoking the classes methods.


This plugin takes as input a WSDL and generates client and server stubs for calling or implementing a Web service matching the WSDL.


This plugin creates Axis2 repositories from project dependencies.


This plugin generates ADB beans from a set of XSD files.

The command line tools and Ant tasks are bundled with the Axis2 binary distribution. The Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA plugins are shipped as separate archives. These files can be downloaded here. All Maven plugins are available from the Maven central repository and need not be downloaded separately.