Apache Axis2 1.8.0 Release Note

  • The minimum required Java version for Axis2 has been changed to Java 8.

  • The Apache Commons HttpClient 3.x based HTTP transport has been removed.

  • The HTTPClient 4.x based transport has been upgraded to use the APIs supported by the latest HTTPClient version.

  • Because of the HTTPClient 4.x changes and also JAX-WS changes in the 1.7.x series, users are strongly encouraged to update their axis2.xml.

  • JSON support now includes Moshi as an alternative to GSON. The JSON documentation now includes a JSON and Spring Boot userguide with a WAR application demonstrating Spring Security with tokens. Many bug fixes in general. Any future growth of Axis2 depends on how well the community responds to the increasing focus on JSON.

  • Source control is now via Git and GitHub: https://github.com/apache/axis-axis2-java-core

  • Logging is now via Apache Log4j 2 instead of 1.x. A large focus this release has been on modernizing dependencies. Github Dependabot is handling this now automatically.

  • As explained in the Spring userguide, Spring inside the AAR is no longer supported. The rest of the Spring support is unchanged.

  • To improve dependency management, the data binding JARs have been split to separate the code required at build time from the code required at runtime:

    • axis2-jibx has been split into axis2-jibx and axis2-jibx-codegen.
    • axis2-xmlbeans has been split into axis2-xmlbeans and axis2-xmlbeans-codegen.
    • axis2-jaxbri has been renamed to axis2-jaxbri (The JAXB-RI data binding doesn't require any additional classes at runtime).
    • There are no changes for ADB because the code was already split in previous Axis2 versions.


  • [AXIS2-4021] - AbstractHTTPSender: changes to the isAllowRetry flag have no effect
  • [AXIS2-4602] - JAX-WS MTOM issue
  • [AXIS2-5052] - Unable to send compressed message!!
  • [AXIS2-5301] - Axis2 MTOM client outof memory error when downloading file from service
  • [AXIS2-5694] - axis2 reading DataHandler in client ws causing: DataHandler.getorg.apache.axiom.om.OMException: java.io.IOException: Attempted read on closed stream.
  • [AXIS2-5748] - axis2-metadata: Compilation failure: unmappable character for encoding UTF-8
  • [AXIS2-5761] - Request for removal of dependency of commons-httpclient 3.1 on Apache Axis2
  • [AXIS2-5796] - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError AFTER successful build
  • [AXIS2-5827] - axis2-wsdl2code-maven-plugin shouldn't use Log4j
  • [AXIS2-5856] - Wrong null checker
  • [AXIS2-5893] - test.wsdl not found in ServiceClientTest::testWSDLWithImportsFromZIP
  • [AXIS2-5919] - WSDL2Java not working properly when using jaxbri and WSDL with faults
  • [AXIS2-5952] - File.mkdir() may fail and cause crash.
  • [AXIS2-5966] - Axis2 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT fix did not work for JDK 11

New Feature

  • [AXIS2-5994] - Update woodstox-core-asl to woodstox-core


  • [AXIS2-5661] - Axis2 1.6.2 @ Websphere 8.5 emits NumberFormatException intermittently.
  • [AXIS2-5785] - Submit 'axis2-xsd2java-maven-plugin' for consideration
  • [AXIS2-5884] - Change parameter "Description" to lower-case for service.xml.
  • [AXIS2-5993] - Upgrade logging to log4j v2.x


  • [AXIS2-5895] - JAXWSCodeGenerationEngine extension is incomplete