ADB Integration With Axis2

This document will assist you in writing an extension using the integrator in order to integrate ADB with Axis2.



ADB Integration with Axis2 is simple and straightforward. Given the extension mechanism of the Axis2 code generator, the obvious choice for the integrator is to write an extension. The extension that is added to support ADB is the SimpleDBExtension (org.apache.axis2.wsdl.codegen.extension.SimpleDBExtension) and can be found in the extensions list of the file.

Selection of Generation Modes for ADB

The extension sets the options for the code generator via the CompilerOptions, depending on the user's settings. The following table summarizes the use of options. Please refer to the ADB-How to document for the different generation modes and their descriptions.

User parameters Selected code generation parameters
None (no parameter other than mandatory ones) wrapClasses=false,writeClasses=false
-ss (server side) wrapClasses=false,writeClasses=true
-u (unwrap classes) wrapClasses=false,writeClasses=true

The following parameters (prefixed with -E) can be used to override these settings manually:

Parameter Name Allowed values Description
r true, false Sets the write flag. If set to true the classes will be written by ADB
w true, false Sets the wrapping flag. if true the classes will be wrapped.

Note that these parameters have no corresponding long names and MUST be prefixed with a -E to be processed by the code generator. For example:

WSDL2Java .... -Er true

Things to Remember

  1. SimpleDBExtension is for the ADB databinding framework only and will process requests only when this framework is specified during code generation (using the switch -d adb). In the most recent release, the default has been set as ADB and hence if the -d option is missing then the databinding framework will be ADB.