Changes from 1.2 final

  • Cleanup array handling for rpc/lit and doc/lit
  • Enhancements to HTTPSender/CommonsHTTPSender (including better cookie support)
  • Generate array of wrappers for soapenc array nillable elements
  • Better handling of elementFormDefault during dynamic wsdl generation
  • Fix for gracefully handling IncompatibleClassChangeError in websphere/weblogic
  • Better SAAJ support (dirty flag was not set leading to serialization problems)
  • Fix out-of-memory errors for services without attachments returning large response messages
  • Last but not the least more test cases...

Changes from 1.2rc3

  • Tons of changes to typemapping system to better support jax-rpc1.1 and .NET
  • Improved SAAJ 1.2 support
  • Much better for rpc/lit and doc/lit (especially for arrays)
  • Map schema "wrapped" arrays (with inner <item> elements) into arrays of the item type, instead of JavaBeans, by default. Introduce the "-w" or "--wrapArrays" option to WSDL2Java to switch back to the earlier behavior.
  • Fix some WS-I related bugs. Makes it easier to deploy WS-I BP compatible services.
  • Internationalized happyaxis jsp pages.
  • Updated to latest dependency jars. (ex wsdl4j-1.5.1.jar)
  • Improved commons httpclient support.
  • Support for sending and receiving multiple cookies
  • Lots of fixes for performance enhancements (including eliminating ThreadLocal's)
  • Improved JMX support - Start/Stop server/services and deploy/modify services

Changes from 1.2beta2

  • When generating WSDL, don't change the scoping rules for type mappings. In other words, use the most specific mappings just like we do for message processing.
  • Fix problem with version string
  • Remove JAXP interfaces (should come from jaxp.jar, not jaxrpc.jar)

Changes from 1.1

  • Preliminary SAAJ 1.2 support!
  • Improved doc/literal support
  • Improved handling of array types + WSDL generation
  • More logical type mapping registration (SOAP-ENC types are in a separate registry which then delegates to the default one)
  • Improved schema support (we deal with lists and groups now)
  • ServiceDesc metadata is now more generic - ServiceDesc is an interface and JavaServiceDesc implements it to do specific Java processing.
  • Throw fault when bad values for "mustUnderstand" attribute are parsed
  • is no longer in axis.jar. This is to avoid conflicts with the configuration files in other bits of the application.
  • Many bugfixes. See docs/svnlog.txt