Artifacts and dependencies

Axis 1.4 was packaged into four JAR artifacts: axis-saaj, axis-jaxrpc, axis and axis-ant (respectively named saaj.jar, jaxrpc.jar, axis.jar and axis-ant.jar in the Axis 1.4 binary distribution). In Axis 1.4.1, the axis JAR has been split into several smaller artifacts. This reduces the volume of code that needs to be added to the dependencies of an Axis based project and makes dependency management easier (provided that the project is built using Maven or a tool that can access Maven repositories). It also makes security auditing easier: e.g. the axis artifact contains the code for the SOAP monitor, which may be considered as a security risk if it is not properly disabled in production systems.

Nevertheless, Axis 1.4.1 also contains an all-in-one axis JAR that contains the same components as in Axis 1.4. This can be used as a drop-in replacement for the axis.jar from earlier versions, although it is strongly recommended to use the new modularized artifacts. The table below shows the relationships between the new modularized artifacts and the all-in-one JAR in Axis 1.4.1, and the artifacts included in Axis 1.4. Note that new components introduced in Axis 1.4.1 are not included in the all-in-one JAR.

To see the dependencies of an artifact, click on the artifact's name.

Axis 1.4 Axis 1.4.1
All-in-one Modularized
SAAJ API axis-saaj
JAX-RPC API axis-jaxrpc
Runtime Core axis axis-rt-core
Castor Databinding axis-rt-databinding-castor
XmlBeans Databinding axis-rt-databinding-xmlbeans
JWS Support axis-rt-jws
JMX Support axis-rt-management
BSF Provider axis-rt-provider-bsf
JMS Transport axis-rt-transport-jms
HttpClient 3 Transport axis-rt-transport-http-hc3
Mail Transport axis-rt-transport-mail
EMF Models axis-model
Code Generator axis-codegen
Command Line Tools axis-tools
SOAP Monitor Handler/Service axis-rt-soapmonitor
SOAP Monitor Client soapmonitor-client
TCP Monitor tcpmon
Compatibility Classes axis-rt-compat
Ant Tasks axis-ant
SOAP Monitor Applet N/A (not included in any JAR) soapmonitor-applet
Stand-alone Server N/A (added in Axis 1.4.1) axis-standalone-server HTTP Transport axis-rt-transport-http-javanet

All artifacts and dependencies are available from the Maven Central Repository.