Call a target foreach entry in a set of parameters based on a fileset.

For Axis development; there is no support or stability associated with this task

<target name="target1">
      <foreach target="target2">
        <param name="param1">
            <fileset refid="fset1"/>
        <param name="param2">
          <item value="jar" />
          <item value="zip" />

    <target name="target2">
      <echo message="prop is ${param1}.${param2}" />

Really this just a wrapper around "AntCall"
Added a "type" attribute that works precisely like its equivalent in ExecuteOn. It allows the user to specify whether directories, files, or both directories and files from the filesets are included as entries in the parameter set.


Attribute Description Type
fork If true, forks the ant invocation. boolean
inheritall If true, pass all properties to the new Ant project. Defaults to true. boolean
inheritrefs If true, pass all references to the new Ant project. Defaults to false boolean
target Target to execute, required. java.lang.String
verbose Enable verbose output when signing ; optional: default false boolean

Parameters as nested elements

param (