Package org.apache.sandesha2.util

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AcknowledgementManager Contains logic for managing acknowledgements.
FaultManager Has logic to check for possible RM related faults and create it.
LoggingControl log.isDebugEnabled() can be expensive.
MessageRetransmissionAdjuster This is used to adjust retransmission infoamation after each time the message is sent.
MsgInitializer This class is used to create an RMMessageContext out of an MessageContext.
PropertyManager Loads properties from file (from Sandesha2Constants if this is not available).
Range Data structure to represent a range of values from lowerValue->upperValue inclusive.
RangeString Helper class.
RMMsgCreator Used to create new RM messages.
SandeshaUtil Contains utility methods that are used in many plases of Sandesha2.
SequenceManager This is used to set up a new sequence, both at the sending side and the receiving side.
SOAPAbstractFactory A wrapper for SOA11 and SOAP12 factories of OM.
SOAPFaultEnvelopeCreator Used to create an SOAP Envelope for a RM Related Fault.
SpecSpecificConstants To get values which are different in the RM specs in a convenient manner.
TerminateManager Contains logic to remove all the storad data of a sequence.

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