Class LoggingControl

  extended by org.apache.sandesha2.util.LoggingControl

public class LoggingControl
extends java.lang.Object

log.isDebugEnabled() can be expensive. This class allows for another, cheaper call to check if ANY trace or debug logging is enabled for Sandesha2. This is pluggable to allow integration with whatever trace mechanism is provided by the environment Sandesha2 is deployed into. There is a default controller which simply returns false which can be engaged by setting the Sandesha2.LoggingControl.ProhibitDebugLogging system property.

Nested Class Summary
static interface LoggingControl.LoggingController
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static boolean isAnyTracingEnabled()
static void setController(LoggingControl.LoggingController lc)
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Constructor Detail


public LoggingControl()
Method Detail


public static void setController(LoggingControl.LoggingController lc)


public static boolean isAnyTracingEnabled()

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