Class MetadataSection

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class MetadataSection
    extends MexOM
    implements IMexOM
    Class implemented for MetadataSection element defined in the WS-MEX spec. A unit of metdata i.e. a MetadataSection may be included in-line data, or may be by reference as an endpoint reference (MetadataReference) or a URL (Location). An instance of MetadataSection can have one form of data: inline, location, or reference.
    • Method Detail

      • getDialect

        public String getDialect()
      • getIdentifier

        public String getIdentifier()
      • getanyAttribute

        public String getanyAttribute()
      • getLocation

        public Location getLocation()
        Return metadata unit in URL form i.e. mex:Location
      • getInlineData

        public OMNode getInlineData()
        Return metadata unit in inline form such as WSDL definitions, XML schema document, etc.
      • getMetadataReference

        public MetadataReference getMetadataReference()
        Return metadata unit in endpoint reference form i.e. mex:MetadataReference.
      • setIdentifier

        public void setIdentifier​(String in_identifier)
      • setDialect

        public void setDialect​(String in_dialect)
      • setLocation

        public void setLocation​(Location in_location)
      • setinlineData

        public void setinlineData​(Object in_inlineData)
      • setMetadataReference

        public void setMetadataReference​(MetadataReference in_ref)