Class RobustOutOnlyAxisOperation

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      • RobustOutOnlyAxisOperation

        public RobustOutOnlyAxisOperation()
      • RobustOutOnlyAxisOperation

        public RobustOutOnlyAxisOperation​(QName name)
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      • createClient

        public OperationClient createClient​(ServiceContext sc,
                                            Options options)
        Description copied from class: OutInAxisOperation
        Returns a MEP client for an Out-IN operation. This client can be used to interact with a server which is offering an In-Out operation. To use the client, you must call addMessageContext() with a message context and then call execute() to execute the client.
        createClient in class OutInAxisOperation
        sc - The service context for this client to live within. Cannot be null.
        options - Options to use as defaults for this client. If any options are set specifically on the client then those override options here.
        an OperationClient set up appropriately for this operation