Class OutInAxisOperation

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      • OutInAxisOperation

        public OutInAxisOperation()
      • OutInAxisOperation

        public OutInAxisOperation​(QName name)
    • Method Detail

      • addMessageContext

        public void addMessageContext​(MessageContext msgContext,
                                      OperationContext opContext)
                               throws AxisFault
        Description copied from class: AxisOperation
        Adds a message context into an operation context. Depending on MEPs, this method has to be overridden. Depending on the MEP operation description know how to fill the message context map in operationContext. As an example, if the MEP is IN-OUT then depending on messagable operation description should know how to keep them in correct locations.
        Specified by:
        addMessageContext in class AxisOperation
        msgContext - MessageContext
        opContext - OperationContext
        AxisFault - AxisFault
      • createClient

        public OperationClient createClient​(ServiceContext sc,
                                            Options options)
        Returns a MEP client for an Out-IN operation. This client can be used to interact with a server which is offering an In-Out operation. To use the client, you must call addMessageContext() with a message context and then call execute() to execute the client.
        Specified by:
        createClient in class AxisOperation
        sc - The service context for this client to live within. Cannot be null.
        options - Options to use as defaults for this client. If any options are set specifically on the client then those override options here.
        an OperationClient set up appropriately for this operation