Developing Apache Axis2/C

This document provides information on how to use SVN to get an SVN checkout/update and make commits to the source repository.

Working with Subversion (SVN)

The Apache Axis2/C development team uses Subversion (SVN) for source control. Subversion is a compelling replacement for CVS, developed under the auspices of the Tigris community and is licensed under an Apache compatible license. To learn more about Subversion or to download the latest distribution, visit the Subversion project site. If you are looking for guidelines on setting up/installing Subversion, please read the ASF Source Code Repositories page.

Checking-out Apache Axis2/C from Subversion

When checking out the latest version of Apache Axis2/C from the Apache Foundation's Subversion repository, you must use one of the following URLs, depending on your level of access to the Apache Axis2/C source code:

If you are a committer, make sure that you have set your svnpasswd. To do this you must log into For more information, please read the ASF Source Code Repositories page.

Once you have successfully installed Subversion, you can checkout the Axis2/C trunk by running the following command:

svn co <repository URL> <folder name>

where 'repository URL' is one of the URLs from the previous list and 'folder name' is the name of the folder into which the source code is to be checked out.

To update your working copy to the latest version from the repository, execute:

svn update

If you would like to submit a patch, execute:

svn diff

The above command will create a unified diff that can be attached to the Apache Axis2/C JIRA issue tracker.