Package org.apache.sandesha2.wsrm

Interface Summary
IOMRMPart This is the base interface for RM infoset objects that are added directly so SOAPBody or SOAPHeader (we call them MessageParts).

Class Summary
Accept Represents the RM Accept element which may come within the Create Sequence Response.
AckRequested Represent the AckRequested header block.
AcksTo Represents an AcksTo element which comes within Create Sequence messages.
CloseSequence Adds the Close Sequence body part.
CloseSequenceResponse Adds the Close Sequence Response body part.
CreateSequence Represent the CreateSequence body element.
CreateSequenceResponse Adds the CreateSequenceResponse body part.
Expires Represents an Expires element.
FaultCode Represents an FaultCode element.
MakeConnection Only MC namespace supported
MessagePending Only RM11 namespace supported
Sequence Represents a Sequence element which get carried within a RM application message.
SequenceAcknowledgement Adds the SequenceAcknowledgement header block.
SequenceFault Adds the SequenceFault header block.
SequenceOffer Represents an SequenceOffer element which may be present within a Create Sequence message.
TerminateSequence Adds the Terminate Sequence body part.
TerminateSequenceResponse Adds the Terminate Sequence Response body part.
UsesSequenceSTR Class which handles the UsesSequenceSTR header block Only RM11 namespace supported

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