The current release is 1.7.7 and was published on November 22, 2017. The release note for this release can be found here.

The following distributions are available for download:

  Link Checksums and signatures
Binary distribution MD5 SHA1 PGP
Source distribution MD5 SHA1 PGP
WAR distribution MD5 SHA1 PGP
Service Archive plugin for Eclipse MD5 SHA1 PGP
Code Generator plugin for Eclipse MD5 SHA1 PGP
Axis2 plugin for IntelliJ IDEA MD5 SHA1 PGP

The binary distribution contains all the Axis2 libraries and modules, except for Apache Rampart (WS-Security implementation) which must be downloaded separately. It also contains command line tools, samples and scripts to start a standalone Axis2 server.

The WAR (Web Archive) distribution is designed for deployment on a servlet container.

The signatures of the distributions can be verified against the public keys in the KEYS file.

Maintenance releases from branches other than the main branch can be found here. Distributions for older releases can be found in the archive.

All releases are also available as Maven artifacts in the central repository.