Class UnmarshalMessageContextListener

  extended by org.apache.axis2.jaxws.marshaller.impl.alt.UnmarshalMessageContextListener
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class UnmarshalMessageContextListener
extends Object
implements MessageContextListener

This MessageContextListener is triggered when a ServiceContext is attached to the MessageContext and when a SOAPEnvelope is attached to the MessageContext. In such cases, it attempts to get a previously cached (from a prior web service call) UnmarshalInfo object from the AxisService. The UnmarshalInfo data is used to create a JAXBCustomBuilder on the SOAPEnvelope's builder. The net effect is that the StAXOMBuilder will use the JAXBCustomBuilder during unmarshalling. This saves time and space.

Method Summary
 void attachEnvelopeEvent(MessageContext mc)
 void attachServiceContextEvent(ServiceContext sc, MessageContext mc)
static void create(ServiceContext sc)
          Create and add a listener
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Method Detail


public static void create(ServiceContext sc)
Create and add a listener

sc - ServiceContext


public void attachEnvelopeEvent(MessageContext mc)
Specified by:
attachEnvelopeEvent in interface MessageContextListener


public void attachServiceContextEvent(ServiceContext sc,
                                      MessageContext mc)
Specified by:
attachServiceContextEvent in interface MessageContextListener

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