Interface MessageContextListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
ProviderOMContextListener, UnmarshalMessageContextListener

public interface MessageContextListener

A MessageContextListener is registered on the AxisService. When a ServiceContext is attached to the MessageContext, the attachServiceContextEvent is triggered. When an Envelope is attached to the MessageContext, the attachEnvelopeEvent is triggered. These two events occur at critical points in the message sending or receiving. An implementation of the MessageContextListener may log information, set special properties or trigger events. For example the JAXWS module uses a MessageContextListener to register a JAXBCustomBuilder on the envelope's StAXOMBuilder.

Method Summary
 void attachEnvelopeEvent(MessageContext mc)
 void attachServiceContextEvent(ServiceContext sc, MessageContext mc)

Method Detail


void attachServiceContextEvent(ServiceContext sc,
                               MessageContext mc)


void attachEnvelopeEvent(MessageContext mc)

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