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Uses of JavaClassWriter in org.apache.axis.wsdl.toJava

Subclasses of JavaClassWriter in org.apache.axis.wsdl.toJava
 class JavaBeanFaultWriter
          This is Wsdl2java's Complex Fault Writer.
 class JavaBeanHelperWriter
          This is Wsdl2java's Helper Type Writer.
 class JavaBeanWriter
          This is Wsdl2java's Complex Type Writer.
 class JavaEnumTypeWriter
          This is Wsdl2java's Complex Type Writer.
 class JavaFaultWriter
          This is Wsdl2java's Fault Writer.
 class JavaHolderWriter
          This is Wsdl2java's Holder Writer.
 class JavaImplWriter
          This is Wsdl2java's implementation template writer.
 class JavaInterfaceWriter
          This is Wsdl2java's PortType Writer.
 class JavaServiceIfaceWriter
          This is Wsdl2java's service writer.
 class JavaServiceImplWriter
          This is Wsdl2java's service implementation writer.
 class JavaSkelWriter
          This is Wsdl2java's skeleton writer.
 class JavaStubWriter
          This is Wsdl2java's stub writer.
 class JavaTestCaseWriter
          This is Wsdl2java's TestCase writer.

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