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Uses of Options in org.apache.axis.client

Methods in org.apache.axis.client with parameters of type Options
 String AdminClient.list(Options opts)
          process the options then run a list call
 String AdminClient.process(Options opts, InputStream input)
          submit the input stream's contents to the endpoint, return the results as a string.
 String AdminClient.process(Options opts, String xmlFile)
 void AdminClient.processOpts(Options opts)
          go from the (parsed) command line to setting properties on our call object.
 String AdminClient.quit(Options opts)
          process the command line ops, then send a quit command

Uses of Options in org.apache.axis.transport.jms

Methods in org.apache.axis.transport.jms with parameters of type Options
static HashMap SimpleJMSListener.createCFMap(Options options)
static HashMap SimpleJMSListener.createConnectorMap(Options options)

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