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Methods in that return AxisServer
static AxisServer ServiceAdmin.getEngine()
          Get the singleton engine for this management object

Methods in with parameters of type AxisServer
static void ServiceAdmin.setEngine(AxisServer axisSrv, String name)
          Set the singleton engine

Uses of AxisServer in org.apache.axis.server

Methods in org.apache.axis.server that return AxisServer
 AxisServer JNDIAxisServerFactory.getServer(Map environment)
          Obtain an AxisServer reference, using JNDI if possible, otherwise creating one using the standard Axis configuration pattern.
 AxisServer DefaultAxisServerFactory.getServer(Map environment)
          Get an AxisServer.
 AxisServer AxisServerFactory.getServer(Map environment)
static AxisServer AxisServer.getServer(Map environment)

Uses of AxisServer in org.apache.axis.transport.http

Fields in org.apache.axis.transport.http declared as AxisServer
protected  AxisServer AxisServletBase.axisServer
          per-instance cache of the axis server

Methods in org.apache.axis.transport.http that return AxisServer
 AxisServer SimpleAxisServer.getAxisServer()
          demand create an axis server; return an existing one if one exists.
 AxisServer AxisServletBase.getEngine()
          get the engine for this servlet from cache or context
static AxisServer AxisServletBase.getEngine(HttpServlet servlet)
          This is a uniform method of initializing AxisServer in a servlet context.

Uses of AxisServer in org.apache.axis.transport.jms

Methods in org.apache.axis.transport.jms that return AxisServer
protected static AxisServer SimpleJMSListener.getAxisServer()

Uses of AxisServer in org.apache.axis.transport.local

Constructors in org.apache.axis.transport.local with parameters of type AxisServer
LocalTransport(AxisServer server)
          Use this constructor if you have a particular server kicking around (perhaps which you've already deployed useful stuff into) which you'd like to use.

Uses of AxisServer in org.apache.axis.transport.mail

Methods in org.apache.axis.transport.mail that return AxisServer
protected static AxisServer MailServer.getAxisServer()

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