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Packages that use SchemaVersion

Uses of SchemaVersion in org.apache.axis

Methods in org.apache.axis that return SchemaVersion
 SchemaVersion MessageContext.getSchemaVersion()
          Get the XML schema version information.

Methods in org.apache.axis with parameters of type SchemaVersion
 void MessageContext.setSchemaVersion(SchemaVersion schemaVersion)
          Set the XML schema version this message context will use.

Uses of SchemaVersion in org.apache.axis.message

Methods in org.apache.axis.message that return SchemaVersion
 SchemaVersion SOAPEnvelope.getSchemaVersion()
          Get the schema version for this envelope

Methods in org.apache.axis.message with parameters of type SchemaVersion
 void SOAPEnvelope.setSchemaVersion(SchemaVersion schemaVersion)
          Set the schema version for this envelope

Constructors in org.apache.axis.message with parameters of type SchemaVersion
SOAPEnvelope(boolean registerPrefixes, SOAPConstants soapConstants, SchemaVersion schemaVersion)
SOAPEnvelope(SOAPConstants soapConstants, SchemaVersion schemaVersion)

Uses of SchemaVersion in org.apache.axis.schema

Classes in org.apache.axis.schema that implement SchemaVersion
 class SchemaVersion1999
          1999 Schema characteristics.
 class SchemaVersion2000
          2000 Schema characteristics.
 class SchemaVersion2001
          2001 Schema characteristics.

Fields in org.apache.axis.schema declared as SchemaVersion
static SchemaVersion SchemaVersion.SCHEMA_1999
static SchemaVersion SchemaVersion.SCHEMA_2000
static SchemaVersion SchemaVersion.SCHEMA_2001

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