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Uses of SOAPHeaderElement in org.apache.axis

Methods in org.apache.axis with parameters of type SOAPHeaderElement
 void AxisFault.addHeader(SOAPHeaderElement header)
          Add a SOAP header which should be serialized along with the fault.

Uses of SOAPHeaderElement in org.apache.axis.client

Methods in org.apache.axis.client that return SOAPHeaderElement
 SOAPHeaderElement Stub.getHeader(String namespace, String partName)
          Get the header element
 SOAPHeaderElement[] Stub.getHeaders()
          Get the array of header elements
 SOAPHeaderElement Stub.getResponseHeader(String namespace, String partName)
          Get a response header element
 SOAPHeaderElement[] Stub.getResponseHeaders()
          Get the array of response header elements

Methods in org.apache.axis.client with parameters of type SOAPHeaderElement
 void Call.addHeader(SOAPHeaderElement header)
          Add a header which should be inserted into each outgoing message we generate.
 void Stub.setHeader(SOAPHeaderElement header)
          Set the header

Uses of SOAPHeaderElement in org.apache.axis.message

Subclasses of SOAPHeaderElement in org.apache.axis.message
 class RPCHeaderParam

Methods in org.apache.axis.message that return SOAPHeaderElement
 SOAPHeaderElement SOAPEnvelope.getHeaderByName(String namespace, String localPart)
          Get a header by name (always respecting the currently in-scope actors list)
 SOAPHeaderElement SOAPEnvelope.getHeaderByName(String namespace, String localPart, boolean accessAllHeaders)
          Get a header by name, filtering for headers targeted at this engine depending on the accessAllHeaders parameter.

Methods in org.apache.axis.message with parameters of type SOAPHeaderElement
 void SOAPEnvelope.addHeader(SOAPHeaderElement hdr)
          Add a HeaderElement
 void SOAPEnvelope.removeHeader(SOAPHeaderElement hdr)
          Remove a Header Element from SOAP Header

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