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Packages that use SOAPBodyElement

Uses of SOAPBodyElement in org.apache.axis.message

Subclasses of SOAPBodyElement in org.apache.axis.message
 class InputStreamBody
 class RPCElement
 class SOAPFault
          A Fault body element.

Methods in org.apache.axis.message that return SOAPBodyElement
 SOAPBodyElement SOAPEnvelope.getBodyByName(String namespace, String localPart)
          Get a body element given its name
 SOAPBodyElement SOAPEnvelope.getFirstBody()
          Get the first BodyElement in the SOAP Body

Methods in org.apache.axis.message with parameters of type SOAPBodyElement
 void SOAPEnvelope.addBodyElement(SOAPBodyElement element)
          Add a SOAP Body Element
 void SOAPEnvelope.removeBodyElement(SOAPBodyElement element)
          Remove a Body Element from the soap body

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