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Uses of SimpleDeserializer in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser

Subclasses of SimpleDeserializer in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser
 class Base64Deserializer
          Deserializer for Base64
 class CalendarDeserializer
          The CalendarSerializer deserializes a dateTime.
 class DateDeserializer
          The DateSerializer deserializes a Date.
 class EnumDeserializer
          Deserializer for a JAX-RPC enum.
 class HexDeserializer
          Deserializer for hexBinary.
 class QNameDeserializer
          The DateSerializer deserializes a Date.
 class SimpleListDeserializer
          Deserializer for
 class TimeDeserializer
          The TimeSerializer deserializes a time.

Fields in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser declared as SimpleDeserializer
protected  SimpleDeserializer SimpleDeserializer.cacheStringDSer
protected  SimpleDeserializer BeanDeserializer.cacheStringDSer

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