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Packages that use Serializer

Uses of Serializer in org.apache.axis.encoding

Subinterfaces of Serializer in org.apache.axis.encoding
 interface SimpleValueSerializer

Methods in org.apache.axis.encoding that return Serializer
 Serializer SerializationContext.getSerializerForJavaType(Class javaType)
          Convenience method to get the Serializer for a specific java type

Uses of Serializer in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser

Classes in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser that implement Serializer
 class Base64Serializer
          Serializer for Base64
 class CalendarSerializer
          Serializer for dateTime (Calendar).
 class DateSerializer
          Serializer for Dates.
 class EnumSerializer
          Serializer for a JAX-RPC enum.
 class HexSerializer
          Serializer for hexBinary.
 class QNameSerializer
          Serializer for QNames.
 class SimpleListSerializer
          Serializer for
 class SimpleSerializer
          Serializer for primitives and anything simple whose value is obtained with toString()
 class TimeSerializer
          Serializer for Time.

Fields in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser declared as Serializer
protected  Serializer BaseSerializerFactory.ser

Methods in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser that return Serializer
protected  Serializer BeanSerializerFactory.getGeneralPurpose(String mechanismType)
          Optimize construction of a BeanSerializer by caching the type and property descriptors.
protected  Serializer BaseSerializerFactory.getGeneralPurpose(String mechanismType)
          Obtains a serializer by invoking (javaType, xmlType) on the serClass.
protected  Serializer ArraySerializerFactory.getGeneralPurpose(String mechanismType)
          Obtains a serializer by invoking (javaType, xmlType) on the serClass.
protected  Serializer BaseSerializerFactory.getSerializerAsInternal(String mechanismType)
protected  Serializer BaseSerializerFactory.getSpecialized(String mechanismType)
          Obtains a serializer by invoking getSerializer method in the javaType class or its Helper class.

Uses of Serializer in org.apache.axis.types

Methods in org.apache.axis.types that return Serializer
static Serializer Schema.getSerializer(String mechType, Class _javaType, QName _xmlType)
          Get Custom Serializer

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