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Uses of Callback in org.apache.axis.encoding

Subinterfaces of Callback in org.apache.axis.encoding
 interface Deserializer
          This interface describes the AXIS Deserializer.

Classes in org.apache.axis.encoding that implement Callback
 class DeserializerImpl
          The Deserializer base class.

Fields in org.apache.axis.encoding declared as Callback

Constructors in org.apache.axis.encoding with parameters of type Callback
CallbackTarget(Callback target, Object hint)

Uses of Callback in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser

Classes in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser that implement Callback
 class ArrayDeserializer
          An ArrayDeserializer handles deserializing SOAP arrays.
 class Base64Deserializer
          Deserializer for Base64
 class BeanDeserializer
          General purpose deserializer for an arbitrary java bean.
 class CalendarDeserializer
          The CalendarSerializer deserializes a dateTime.
 class DateDeserializer
          The DateSerializer deserializes a Date.
 class DocumentDeserializer
          Deserializer for DOM Document
 class ElementDeserializer
          Deserializer for DOM elements
 class EnumDeserializer
          Deserializer for a JAX-RPC enum.
 class HexDeserializer
          Deserializer for hexBinary.
 class ImageDataHandlerDeserializer
          ImageDataHandler Deserializer Modified by Russell Butek
 class JAFDataHandlerDeserializer
          JAFDataHandler Serializer
 class MapDeserializer
 class MimeMultipartDataHandlerDeserializer
          MimeMultipartDataHandler Deserializer
 class OctetStreamDataHandlerDeserializer
          application/octet-stream DataHandler Deserializer Modified by Davanum Srinivas
 class PlainTextDataHandlerDeserializer
          text/plain DataHandler Deserializer Modified by Russell Butek
 class QNameDeserializer
          The DateSerializer deserializes a Date.
 class SimpleDeserializer
          A deserializer for any simple type with a (String) constructor.
 class SimpleListDeserializer
          Deserializer for
 class SourceDataHandlerDeserializer
          SourceDataHandler Deserializer Modified by Russell Butek
 class TimeDeserializer
          The TimeSerializer deserializes a time.
 class VectorDeserializer
          Deserializer for SOAP Vectors for compatibility with SOAP 2.2.

Uses of Callback in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser.castor

Classes in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser.castor that implement Callback
 class CastorDeserializer
          Castor deserializer
 class CastorEnumTypeDeserializer
          Castor deserializer

Uses of Callback in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser.xbeans

Classes in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser.xbeans that implement Callback
 class XmlBeanDeserializer
          Class XmlBeanDeserializer

Uses of Callback in org.apache.axis.message

Classes in org.apache.axis.message that implement Callback
 class SOAPFaultBuilder
          Build a Fault body element.
 class SOAPFaultCodeBuilder
          Build a Fault body element.
 class SOAPFaultDetailsBuilder
          Handle deserializing fault details.
 class SOAPFaultReasonBuilder
          Parser for the fault Reason element and its associated Text elements.

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