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Packages that use TypeDesc

Uses of TypeDesc in org.apache.axis.description

Methods in org.apache.axis.description that return TypeDesc
static TypeDesc TypeDesc.getTypeDescForClass(Class cls)
          Static function for centralizing access to type metadata for a given class.

Methods in org.apache.axis.description with parameters of type TypeDesc
static void TypeDesc.registerTypeDescForClass(Class cls, TypeDesc td)
          Static function to explicitly register a type description for a given class.

Uses of TypeDesc in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser

Fields in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser declared as TypeDesc
protected  TypeDesc BeanSerializerFactory.typeDesc
protected  TypeDesc BeanSerializer.typeDesc
protected  TypeDesc BeanDeserializerFactory.typeDesc
          Type metadata about this class for XML deserialization
protected  TypeDesc BeanDeserializer.typeDesc
          Type metadata about this class for XML deserialization

Methods in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser with parameters of type TypeDesc
static Map BeanDeserializerFactory.getProperties(Class javaType, TypeDesc typeDesc)
          Get a list of the bean properties

Constructors in org.apache.axis.encoding.ser with parameters of type TypeDesc
BeanDeserializer(Class javaType, QName xmlType, TypeDesc typeDesc)
BeanDeserializer(Class javaType, QName xmlType, TypeDesc typeDesc, Map propertyMap)
BeanSerializer(Class javaType, QName xmlType, TypeDesc typeDesc)
BeanSerializer(Class javaType, QName xmlType, TypeDesc typeDesc, BeanPropertyDescriptor[] propertyDescriptor)
SimpleDeserializer(Class javaType, QName xmlType, TypeDesc typeDesc)
SimpleListDeserializer(Class javaType, QName xmlType, TypeDesc typeDesc)
SimpleListSerializer(Class javaType, QName xmlType, TypeDesc typeDesc)
SimpleSerializer(Class javaType, QName xmlType, TypeDesc typeDesc)

Uses of TypeDesc in org.apache.axis.types

Methods in org.apache.axis.types that return TypeDesc
static TypeDesc Schema.getTypeDesc()
          Return type metadata object
static TypeDesc Notation.getTypeDesc()

Uses of TypeDesc in org.apache.axis.utils

Methods in org.apache.axis.utils with parameters of type TypeDesc
static Vector BeanUtils.getBeanAttributes(Class javaType, TypeDesc typeDesc)
          Return a list of properties in the bean which should be attributes
static BeanPropertyDescriptor[] BeanUtils.getPd(Class javaType, TypeDesc typeDesc)
          Create a BeanPropertyDescriptor array for the indicated class.
static BeanPropertyDescriptor[] BeanUtils.processPropertyDescriptors(PropertyDescriptor[] rawPd, Class cls, TypeDesc typeDesc)

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