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Uses of WSDDHandler in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd

Subclasses of WSDDHandler in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd
 class WSDDChain
          WSDD chain element
 class WSDDFaultFlow
 class WSDDJAXRPCHandlerInfoChain
 class WSDDRequestFlow
 class WSDDResponseFlow

Methods in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd that return WSDDHandler
 WSDDHandler[] WSDDDeployment.getHandlers()
 WSDDHandler WSDDDeployment.getWSDDHandler(QName qname)

Methods in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd with parameters of type WSDDHandler
protected  void WSDDDeployment.addHandler(WSDDHandler handler)
 void WSDDChain.addHandler(WSDDHandler handler)
          Add a Handler to the chain (at the end)
 void WSDDDeployment.deployHandler(WSDDHandler handler)
          Put a WSDDHandler into this deployment, replacing any other WSDDHandler which might already be present with the same QName.
 void WSDDChain.removeHandler(WSDDHandler victim)
          Remove a Handler from the chain

Uses of WSDDHandler in

Methods in that return WSDDHandler
static WSDDHandler ServiceAdmin.getHandler(QName qname)
static WSDDHandler[] ServiceAdmin.getHandlers()

Methods in with parameters of type WSDDHandler
static void ServiceAdmin.deployHandler(WSDDHandler handler)

Uses of WSDDHandler in

Methods in that return WSDDHandler
 WSDDHandler DeploymentQueryMBean.findHandler(String qname)
          find the handler
 WSDDHandler DeploymentQuery.findHandler(String qname)
          find a specific handler
 WSDDHandler[] DeploymentQueryMBean.findHandlers()
          return all handlers
 WSDDHandler[] DeploymentQuery.findHandlers()
          get all handlers

Methods in with parameters of type WSDDHandler
 void DeploymentAdministratorMBean.deployHandler(WSDDHandler handler)
 void DeploymentAdministrator.deployHandler(WSDDHandler handler)

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