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Packages that use WSDDException

Uses of WSDDException in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd

Subclasses of WSDDException in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd
 class WSDDNonFatalException

Methods in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd that throw WSDDException
 void WSDDUndeployment.deployTypeMapping(WSDDTypeMapping typeMapping)
 void WSDDTypeMappingContainer.deployTypeMapping(WSDDTypeMapping mapping)
 void WSDDService.deployTypeMapping(WSDDTypeMapping mapping)
 void WSDDDeployment.deployTypeMapping(WSDDTypeMapping typeMapping)
protected  void WSDDService.initTMR()
          Initialize a TypeMappingRegistry with the WSDDTypeMappings.
 void WSDDDocument.setDocument(Document document)
          Bind to a new document, setting the undeployment nodes if it is an undeployment, the deployment tree if it is anything else.
 void WSDDTargetedChain.setType(String type)
 void WSDDGlobalConfiguration.setType(String type)
 void WSDDService.validateDescriptors()
          This method can be used for dynamic deployment using new WSDDService() etc.

Constructors in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd that throw WSDDException
WSDDArrayMapping(Element e)
WSDDBeanMapping(Element e)
WSDDChain(Element e)
WSDDDeployableItem(Element e)
WSDDDeployment(Element e)
          Create an element in WSDD that wraps an extant DOM element
WSDDDocument(Document document)
          create and bind to a document
WSDDDocument(Element e)
          bind to a sub-element in a document.
WSDDDocumentation(Element e)
WSDDElement(Element e)
          Create an element in WSDD that wraps an extant DOM element
WSDDFault(Element e)
          Construct a WSDDFault from a DOM Element
WSDDFaultFlow(Element e)
WSDDGlobalConfiguration(Element e)
WSDDHandler(Element e)
WSDDJAXRPCHandlerInfo(Element e)
WSDDJAXRPCHandlerInfoChain(Element e)
WSDDOperation(Element e, ServiceDesc parent)
          Constructor from XML
WSDDParameter(Element e, OperationDesc parent)
WSDDRequestFlow(Element e)
WSDDResponseFlow(Element e)
WSDDService(Element e)
WSDDTargetedChain(Element e)
WSDDTransport(Element e)
WSDDTypeMapping(Element e)
WSDDUndeployment(Element e)
          Constructor - build an undeployment from a DOM Element.

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