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Uses of Transport in org.apache.axis.client

Methods in org.apache.axis.client that return Transport
 Transport Call.getTransportForProtocol(String protocol)
          Get the Transport registered for the given protocol.

Methods in org.apache.axis.client with parameters of type Transport
 void Call.setTransport(Transport trans)
          Set the Transport Note: Not part of JAX-RPC specification.

Uses of Transport in org.apache.axis.transport.http

Subclasses of Transport in org.apache.axis.transport.http
 class HTTPTransport
          Extends Transport by implementing the setupMessageContext function to set HTTP-specific message context fields and transport chains.

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Subclasses of Transport in
 class JavaTransport
          A Transport which will cause an invocation via "java"

Uses of Transport in org.apache.axis.transport.jms

Subclasses of Transport in org.apache.axis.transport.jms
 class JMSTransport
          JMSTransport is the JMS-specific implemenation of org.apache.axis.client.Transport.

Uses of Transport in org.apache.axis.transport.local

Subclasses of Transport in org.apache.axis.transport.local
 class LocalTransport
          A Transport which will cause an invocation via a "local" AxisServer.

Uses of Transport in org.apache.axis.transport.mail

Subclasses of Transport in org.apache.axis.transport.mail
 class MailTransport
          A Transport which will cause an invocation via "mail"

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