Uses of Interface

Packages that use WSDDEngineConfiguration

Uses of WSDDEngineConfiguration in org.apache.axis.configuration

Classes in org.apache.axis.configuration that implement WSDDEngineConfiguration
 class DefaultConfiguration
          Configuration provider that loads the default Axis configuration.
 class DelegatingWSDDEngineConfiguration
          WSDDEngineConfiguration implementation that delegates to the WSDDDeployment returned by getDeployment().
 class DirProvider
 class FileProvider
          A simple ConfigurationProvider that uses the Admin class to read + write XML files.
 class XMLStringProvider
          A simple ConfigurationProvider that uses the Admin class to configure the engine from a String containing XML.

Uses of WSDDEngineConfiguration in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd

Classes in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd that implement WSDDEngineConfiguration
 class WSDDDeployment
          WSDD deployment element

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