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Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis

Subinterfaces of Handler in org.apache.axis
 interface Chain
          A Handler that executes a 'chain' of child handlers in order.
 interface TargetedChain

Classes in org.apache.axis that implement Handler
 class AxisEngine
          An AxisEngine is the base class for AxisClient and AxisServer.
 class FaultableHandler
          A FaultableHandler is essentially a wrapper for any other Handler which provides flexible fault handling semantics.
 class SimpleChain
          A Simple Chain is a 'composite' Handler in that it aggregates a collection of Handlers and also acts as a Handler which delegates its operations to the collection.
 class SimpleTargetedChain
          A SimpleTargetedChain has a request handler, a pivot handler, and a response handler (any of which may themselves be chains).

Fields in org.apache.axis declared as Handler
protected  Handler SimpleTargetedChain.pivotHandler
protected  Handler SimpleTargetedChain.requestHandler
protected  Handler SimpleTargetedChain.responseHandler
protected  Handler FaultableHandler.workHandler
          The Handler that will do the actual work of handeling the fault.

Methods in org.apache.axis that return Handler
 Handler EngineConfiguration.getGlobalRequest()
          Returns a global request handler.
 Handler AxisEngine.getGlobalRequest()
          Get the global request Handler.
 Handler EngineConfiguration.getGlobalResponse()
          Returns a global response handler.
 Handler AxisEngine.getGlobalResponse()
          Get the global respones Handler.
 Handler EngineConfiguration.getHandler(QName qname)
          Retrieve an instance of the named handler.
 Handler AxisEngine.getHandler(String name)
          Get the Handler for a particular local name.
 Handler[] SimpleChain.getHandlers()
 Handler[] Chain.getHandlers()
          Get the list of handlers in the chain.
 Handler TargetedChain.getPivotHandler()
          Returns the Pivot Handler.
 Handler SimpleTargetedChain.getPivotHandler()
 Handler TargetedChain.getRequestHandler()
          Returns the Request handler.
 Handler SimpleTargetedChain.getRequestHandler()
 Handler TargetedChain.getResponseHandler()
          Returns the Response Handler.
 Handler SimpleTargetedChain.getResponseHandler()
 Handler EngineConfiguration.getTransport(QName qname)
          Retrieve an instance of the named transport.
 Handler AxisEngine.getTransport(String name)
          Get the Handler that implements the transport for a local name.

Methods in org.apache.axis with parameters of type Handler
 void SimpleChain.addHandler(Handler handler)
 void Chain.addHandler(Handler handler)
          Adds a handler to the end of the chain.
 boolean SimpleChain.contains(Handler handler)
 boolean Chain.contains(Handler handler)
          Discover if a handler is in this chain.
protected  void SimpleTargetedChain.init(Handler reqHandler, Handler specialReqHandler, Handler pivHandler, Handler specialRespHandler, Handler respHandler)
          Initialiser which takes real or null request, pivot, and response handlers and which allows for special request and response handlers to be inserted just before and after any pivot handler.
static void AxisEngine.normaliseOptions(Handler handler)
          Normalise the engine's options.
 void HandlerIterationStrategy.visit(Handler handler, MessageContext msgContext)
          Visit a handler with a message context.

Constructors in org.apache.axis with parameters of type Handler
FaultableHandler(Handler workHandler)
          Create a new FaultHandler.
SimpleTargetedChain(Handler handler)
          Constructor for an instance with effectively only a pivot handler.
SimpleTargetedChain(Handler reqHandler, Handler pivHandler, Handler respHandler)
          Constructor which takes real or null request, pivot, and response handlers.

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.client

Classes in org.apache.axis.client that implement Handler
 class AxisClient
          Provides the equivalent of an "Axis engine" on the client side.

Methods in org.apache.axis.client with parameters of type Handler
 void Call.setClientHandlers(Handler reqHandler, Handler respHandler)
          Sets the client-side request and response Handlers.

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.configuration

Methods in org.apache.axis.configuration that return Handler
 Handler SimpleProvider.getGlobalRequest()
          Returns a global request handler.
 Handler NullProvider.getGlobalRequest()
 Handler DelegatingWSDDEngineConfiguration.getGlobalRequest()
          Returns a global request handler.
 Handler SimpleProvider.getGlobalResponse()
          Returns a global response handler.
 Handler NullProvider.getGlobalResponse()
 Handler DelegatingWSDDEngineConfiguration.getGlobalResponse()
          Returns a global response handler.
 Handler SimpleProvider.getHandler(QName qname)
 Handler NullProvider.getHandler(QName qname)
 Handler DelegatingWSDDEngineConfiguration.getHandler(QName qname)
          retrieve an instance of the named handler
 Handler SimpleProvider.getTransport(QName qname)
 Handler NullProvider.getTransport(QName qname)
 Handler DelegatingWSDDEngineConfiguration.getTransport(QName qname)
          retrieve an instance of the named transport

Methods in org.apache.axis.configuration with parameters of type Handler
 void SimpleProvider.deployTransport(QName qname, Handler transport)
 void SimpleProvider.deployTransport(String name, Handler transport)
 void SimpleProvider.setGlobalRequest(Handler globalRequest)
          Set the global request Handler
 void SimpleProvider.setGlobalResponse(Handler globalResponse)
          Set the global response Handler

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd

Fields in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd declared as Handler
protected  Handler WSDDDeployableItem.singletonInstance
          Placeholder for hanging on to singleton object

Methods in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd that return Handler
 Handler WSDDDeployment.getGlobalRequest()
 Handler WSDDDeployment.getGlobalResponse()
 Handler WSDDDeployment.getHandler(QName name)
          Return an instance of the named handler.
 Handler WSDDDeployableItem.getInstance(EngineConfiguration registry)
static Handler WSDDProvider.getInstance(QName providerType, WSDDService service, EngineConfiguration registry)
 Handler WSDDDeployment.getTransport(QName name)
          Retrieve an instance of the named transport.
 Handler WSDDTargetedChain.makeNewInstance(EngineConfiguration registry)
 Handler WSDDService.makeNewInstance(EngineConfiguration registry)
 Handler WSDDGlobalConfiguration.makeNewInstance(EngineConfiguration registry)
protected  Handler WSDDDeployableItem.makeNewInstance(EngineConfiguration registry)
          Creates a new instance of this deployable.
 Handler WSDDChain.makeNewInstance(EngineConfiguration registry)
          Creates a new instance of this Chain
abstract  Handler WSDDProvider.newProviderInstance(WSDDService service, EngineConfiguration registry)

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd.providers

Methods in org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd.providers that return Handler
 Handler WSDDBsfProvider.newProviderInstance(WSDDService service, EngineConfiguration registry)
 Handler WSDDJavaRPCProvider.newProviderInstance(WSDDService service, EngineConfiguration registry)
 Handler WSDDJavaRMIProvider.newProviderInstance(WSDDService service, EngineConfiguration registry)
 Handler WSDDJavaMsgProvider.newProviderInstance(WSDDService service, EngineConfiguration registry)
 Handler WSDDJavaEJBProvider.newProviderInstance(WSDDService service, EngineConfiguration registry)
 Handler WSDDJavaCORBAProvider.newProviderInstance(WSDDService service, EngineConfiguration registry)
 Handler WSDDHandlerProvider.newProviderInstance(WSDDService service, EngineConfiguration registry)
 Handler WSDDComProvider.newProviderInstance(WSDDService service, EngineConfiguration registry)

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.handlers

Classes in org.apache.axis.handlers that implement Handler
 class BasicHandler
          BasicHandler is a utility class which implements simple property setting/getting behavior, and stubs out a lot of the Handler methods.
 class DebugHandler
 class EchoHandler
 class ErrorHandler
 class JAXRPCHandler
          Handles JAXRPC style handlers.
 class JWSHandler
          A JWSHandler sets the target service and JWS filename in the context depending on the JWS configuration and the target URL.
 class LogHandler
          A simple Handler which logs the request and response messages to either the console or a specified file (default "axis.log").
 class LogMessage
          This handler simply prints a custom message to the debug log.
 class MD5AttachHandler
 class SimpleAuthenticationHandler
          Just a simple Authentication Handler to see if the user specified in the Bag in the MessageContext is allowed to continue.
 class SimpleAuthorizationHandler
          Just a simple Authorization Handler to see if the user specified in the Bag in the MessageContext is allowed to preform this action.
 class SimpleSessionHandler
          This handler uses SOAP headers to do simple session management.
 class SOAPMonitorHandler
          This handler is used to route SOAP messages to the SOAP monitor service.

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.handlers.http

Classes in org.apache.axis.handlers.http that implement Handler
 class HTTPActionHandler
          An HTTPActionHandler simply sets the context's TargetService property from the HTTPAction property.
 class HTTPAuthHandler
          An HTTPAuthHandler simply sets the context's username and password properties from the HTTP auth headers.
 class URLMapper
          An URLMapper attempts to use the extra path info of this request as the service name.

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.handlers.soap

Classes in org.apache.axis.handlers.soap that implement Handler
 class MustUnderstandChecker
          MustUnderstandChecker is used to inject SOAP semantics just before the pivot handler.
 class SOAPService
          A SOAPService is a Handler which encapsulates a SOAP invocation.

Constructors in org.apache.axis.handlers.soap with parameters of type Handler
SOAPService(Handler serviceHandler)
          Convenience constructor for wrapping SOAP semantics around "service handlers" which actually do work.
SOAPService(Handler reqHandler, Handler pivHandler, Handler respHandler)
          Constructor with real or null request, pivot, and response handlers.

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.providers

Classes in org.apache.axis.providers that implement Handler
 class BasicProvider
          This class has one way of keeping track of the operations declared for a particular service provider.
 class BSFProvider
 class ComProvider

Uses of Handler in

Classes in that implement Handler
 class CORBAProvider
          A basic CORBA Provider
 class EJBProvider
          A basic EJB Provider
 class JavaProvider
          Base class for Java dispatching.
 class MsgProvider
          Deal with message-style Java services.
 class RMIProvider
          A basic RMI Provider
 class RPCProvider
          Implement message processing by walking over RPCElements of the envelope body, invoking the appropriate methods on the service object.

Methods in with parameters of type Handler
protected  String JavaProvider.getServiceClassName(Handler service)
          Return the class name of the service
 Object JavaProvider.getServiceObject(MessageContext msgContext, Handler service, String clsName, IntHolder scopeHolder)
          Get the service object whose method actually provides the service.
protected  String RMIProvider.getStrOption(String optionName, Handler service)
          Get a String option by looking first in the service options, and then at the Handler's options.
protected  String EJBProvider.getStrOption(String optionName, Handler service)
          Get a String option by looking first in the service options, and then at the Handler's options.
protected  String CORBAProvider.getStrOption(String optionName, Handler service)
          Get a String option by looking first in the service options, and then at the Handler's options.

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.server

Classes in org.apache.axis.server that implement Handler
 class AxisServer
 class Transport
          Transport is a targeted chain that knows it's a transport.

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.server.standalone

Classes in org.apache.axis.server.standalone that implement Handler
 class QuitHandler
          Handler that looks for the MessageContext.QUIT_REQUESTED flag set by Admin and initiates the shutdown procedure if the flag is set.

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.strategies

Methods in org.apache.axis.strategies with parameters of type Handler
 void WSDLGenStrategy.visit(Handler handler, MessageContext msgContext)
 void InvocationStrategy.visit(Handler handler, MessageContext msgContext)

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.transport.http

Classes in org.apache.axis.transport.http that implement Handler
 class CommonsHTTPSender
          This class uses Jakarta Commons's HttpClient to call a SOAP server.
 class HTTPSender
          This is meant to be used on a SOAP Client to call a SOAP server.

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.transport.http.javanet

Classes in org.apache.axis.transport.http.javanet that implement Handler
 class JavaNetHTTPSender
          Pivot handler for the HTTP transport based on the HttpURLConnection API.

Uses of Handler in

Classes in that implement Handler
 class JavaSender

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.transport.jms

Classes in org.apache.axis.transport.jms that implement Handler
 class JMSSender
          This is meant to be used on a SOAP Client to call a SOAP server.

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.transport.local

Classes in org.apache.axis.transport.local that implement Handler
 class LocalResponder
          Tiny Handler which just makes sure to Stringize the outgoing Message to appropriately use serializers on the server side.
 class LocalSender
          This is meant to be used on a SOAP Client to call a SOAP server.

Uses of Handler in org.apache.axis.transport.mail

Classes in org.apache.axis.transport.mail that implement Handler
 class MailSender
          This is meant to be used on a SOAP Client to call a SOAP server via SMTP/POP3

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