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Packages that use SOAPBodyElement

Uses of SOAPBodyElement in javax.xml.soap

Subinterfaces of SOAPBodyElement in javax.xml.soap
 interface SOAPFault
          An element in the SOAPBody object that contains error and/or status information.

Methods in javax.xml.soap that return SOAPBodyElement
 SOAPBodyElement SOAPBody.addBodyElement(Name name)
          Creates a new SOAPBodyElement object with the specified name and adds it to this SOAPBody object.
 SOAPBodyElement SOAPBody.addDocument(Document document)
          Adds the root node of the DOM Document to this SOAPBody object.

Uses of SOAPBodyElement in org.apache.axis.message

Classes in org.apache.axis.message that implement SOAPBodyElement
 class InputStreamBody
 class RPCElement
 class SOAPBodyElement
          A Body element.
 class SOAPFault
          A Fault body element.

Methods in org.apache.axis.message that return SOAPBodyElement
 SOAPBodyElement SOAPBody.addBodyElement(Name name)
 SOAPBodyElement SOAPBody.addDocument(Document document)

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