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Packages that use SOAPBody

Uses of SOAPBody in javax.xml.soap

Methods in javax.xml.soap that return SOAPBody
 SOAPBody SOAPEnvelope.addBody()
          Creates a SOAPBody object and sets it as the SOAPBody object for this SOAPEnvelope object.
 SOAPBody SOAPEnvelope.getBody()
          Returns the SOAPBody object associated with this SOAPEnvelope object.
 SOAPBody SOAPMessage.getSOAPBody()
          Gets the SOAP Body contained in this SOAPMessage object.

Uses of SOAPBody in org.apache.axis

Methods in org.apache.axis that return SOAPBody
 SOAPBody Message.getSOAPBody()

Uses of SOAPBody in org.apache.axis.message

Classes in org.apache.axis.message that implement SOAPBody
 class SOAPBody
          Holder for body elements.

Methods in org.apache.axis.message that return SOAPBody
 SOAPBody SOAPEnvelope.addBody()
          Add a soap body if one does not exist
 SOAPBody SOAPEnvelope.getBody()
          Get the soap body

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