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Uses of Node in javax.xml.soap

Subinterfaces of Node in javax.xml.soap
 interface Detail
          A container for DetailEntry objects.
 interface DetailEntry
          The content for a Detail object, giving details for a SOAPFault object.
 interface SOAPBody
          An object that represents the contents of the SOAP body element in a SOAP message.
 interface SOAPBodyElement
          A SOAPBodyElement object represents the contents in a SOAPBody object.
 interface SOAPElement
          An object representing the contents in a SOAPBody object, the contents in a SOAPHeader object, the content that can follow the SOAPBody object in a SOAPEnvelope object, or what can follow the detail element in a SOAPFault object.
 interface SOAPEnvelope
          The container for the SOAPHeader and SOAPBody portions of a SOAPPart object.
 interface SOAPFault
          An element in the SOAPBody object that contains error and/or status information.
 interface SOAPFaultElement
          A representation of the contents in a SOAPFault object.
 interface SOAPHeader
          A representation of the SOAP header element.
 interface SOAPHeaderElement
          An object representing the contents in the SOAP header part of the SOAP envelope.
 interface Text
          A representation of a node whose value is text.

Uses of Node in org.apache.axis.message

Classes in org.apache.axis.message that implement Node
 class Detail
          Detail Container implementation
 class DetailEntry
          Detail Entry implementation
 class InputStreamBody
 class MessageElement
          MessageElement is the base type of nodes of the SOAP message parse tree.
 class RPCElement
 class RPCHeaderParam
 class RPCParam
          An RPC parameter
 class SOAPBody
          Holder for body elements.
 class SOAPBodyElement
          A Body element.
 class SOAPEnvelope
          Implementation of a SOAP Envelope
 class SOAPFault
          A Fault body element.
 class SOAPFaultElement
          SOAP Fault implementation
 class SOAPHeader
          Holder for header elements.
 class SOAPHeaderElement
          A simple header element abstraction.

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