Uses of Interface

Packages that use Holder

Uses of Holder in javax.xml.rpc.holders

Classes in javax.xml.rpc.holders that implement Holder
 class BigDecimalHolder
          Holder for BigDecimals.
 class BigIntegerHolder
          Holder for BigIntegers.
 class BooleanHolder
          Holder for booleans.
 class BooleanWrapperHolder
          Holder for Booleans.
 class ByteArrayHolder
          Holder for byte[]s.
 class ByteHolder
          Holder for bytes.
 class ByteWrapperHolder
          Holder for Bytes.
 class CalendarHolder
          Holder for Calendars.
 class DoubleHolder
          Holder for doubles.
 class DoubleWrapperHolder
          Holder for Doubles.
 class FloatHolder
          Holder for floats.
 class FloatWrapperHolder
          Holder for Floats.
 class IntegerWrapperHolder
          Holder for Integers.
 class IntHolder
          Holder for ints.
 class LongHolder
          Holder for longs.
 class LongWrapperHolder
          Holder for Longs.
 class ObjectHolder
          Holder for Objects.
 class QNameHolder
          Holder for QNames.
 class ShortHolder
          Holder for shorts.
 class ShortWrapperHolder
          Holder for Shorts.
 class StringHolder
          Holder for Strings.

Uses of Holder in org.apache.axis.holders

Classes in org.apache.axis.holders that implement Holder
 class DataHandlerHolder
          Class DataHandlerHolder
 class DateHolder
          Class DateHolder
 class DayHolder
          Class DayHolder
 class DurationHolder
          Class DurationHolder
 class HexBinaryHolder
          Class HexBinaryHolder
 class ImageHolder
          Class ImageHolder
 class MimeMultipartHolder
          Class MimeMultipartHolder
 class MonthDayHolder
          Class MonthDayHolder
 class MonthHolder
          Class MonthHolder
 class NegativeIntegerHolder
          Class NegativeIntegerHolder
 class NonNegativeIntegerHolder
          Class NonNegativeIntegerHolder
 class NonPositiveIntegerHolder
          Class NonPositiveIntegerHolder
 class NormalizedStringHolder
          Class NormalizedStringHolder
 class OctetStreamHolder
          Class OctetStreamHolder
 class PositiveIntegerHolder
          Class PositiveIntegerHolder
 class SchemaHolder
          Custom class for supporting XSD schema
 class SourceHolder
          Class SourceHolder
 class TimeHolder
          Class TimeHolder
 class TokenHolder
          Class TokenHolder
 class UnsignedByteHolder
          Class UnsignedByteHolder
 class UnsignedIntHolder
          Class UnsignedIntHolder
 class UnsignedLongHolder
          Class UnsignedLongHolder
 class UnsignedShortHolder
          Class UnsignedShortHolder
 class URIHolder
          Class URIHolder
 class YearHolder
          Class YearHolder
 class YearMonthHolder
          Class YearMonthHolder

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