Class OptionsParser

  • public class OptionsParser
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • getPassword

        public String getPassword()
      • getRemainingArgs

        public String[] getRemainingArgs()
        This returns an array of unused args - these are the non-option args from the command line.
      • getRemainingFlags

        public String getRemainingFlags()
        This just returns a string with the unprocessed flags - mainly for error reporting - so you can report the unknown flags.
      • getUser

        public String getUser()
      • isFlagSet

        public int isFlagSet​(char optChar)
        Returns an int specifying the number of times that the flag was specified on the command line. Once this flag is looked for you must save the result because if you call it again for the same flag you'll get zero.
      • isValueSet

        public String isValueSet​(char optChar)
        Returns a string (or null) specifying the value for the passed option. If the option isn't there then null is returned. The option's value can be specified one of two ways: -x value -xvalue Note that: -ax value is not value (meaning flag 'a' followed by option 'x'. Options with values must be the first char after the '-'. If the option is specified more than once then the last one wins.