Package org.apache.axis2.transport.testkit.endpoint

Provides interface and support classes for test endpoints.

The test kit uses in-only and in-out test endpoints. See org.apache.axis2.transport.testkit.endpoint.InOnlyEndpoint and InOutEndpoint for more details.

Note that an endpoint is assumed to be a lightweight test resource, i.e. setting up and tearing down an endpoint should be inexpensive to moderately expensive. If endpoint implementations require a server environment that is expensive to set up, this environment should be provided by a different test resource on which the endpoint implementations depend. This pattern is used for example by AxisTestEndpoint and its subclasses which depend on AxisTestEndpointContext to provide the server environment.

An endpoint implementation should use a dependency on the appropriate subclass of Channel in order to get the required information to bind the endpoint to the underlying transport protocol.