Class CodegenBean

  • public class CodegenBean
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • CodegenBean

        public CodegenBean()
    • Method Detail

      • setNamespace2packageList

        public void setNamespace2packageList​(String namespace2packageList)
      • isServerSideInterface

        public boolean isServerSideInterface()
      • setServerSideInterface

        public void setServerSideInterface​(boolean serverSideInterface)
      • isDefaultClient

        public boolean isDefaultClient()
      • setDefaultClient

        public void setDefaultClient​(boolean defaultClient)
      • isServerXML

        public boolean isServerXML()
      • setServerXML

        public void setServerXML​(boolean serverXML)
      • isGenerateAll

        public boolean isGenerateAll()
      • setGenerateAll

        public void setGenerateAll​(boolean generateAll)
      • isTestCase

        public boolean isTestCase()
      • setTestCase

        public void setTestCase​(boolean testCase)
      • getServiceName

        public String getServiceName()
      • setServiceName

        public void setServiceName​(String serviceName)
      • getPortName

        public String getPortName()
      • setPortName

        public void setPortName​(String portName)
      • getDatabindingName

        public String getDatabindingName()
      • setDatabindingName

        public void setDatabindingName​(String databindingName)
      • fillOptionMap

        public Map fillOptionMap()
        Creates a list of parameters for the code generator based on the decisions made by the user on the OptionsPage (page2). For each setting, there is a Command-Line option for the Axis2 code generator.
        a Map with keys from CommandLineOptionConstants with the values entered by the user on the Options Page.
      • getAxisService

        public AxisService getAxisService​(String wsdlURI)
                                   throws Exception
        Reads the WSDL Object Model from the given location.
        wsdlURI - the filesystem location (full path) of the WSDL file to read in.
        the WSDLDescription object containing the WSDL Object Model of the given WSDL file
        IOException - on errors reading the WSDL file
      • getWSDLFileName

        public String getWSDLFileName()
      • setWSDLFileName

        public void setWSDLFileName​(String WSDLFileName)
      • isSyncOnly

        public boolean isSyncOnly()
      • setSyncOnly

        public void setSyncOnly​(boolean syncOnly)
      • isAsyncOnly

        public boolean isAsyncOnly()
      • setAsyncOnly

        public void setAsyncOnly​(boolean asyncOnly)
      • getLanguage

        public String getLanguage()
      • setLanguage

        public void setLanguage​(String language)
      • getPackageName

        public String getPackageName()
      • setPackageName

        public void setPackageName​(String packageName)
      • getOutput

        public String getOutput()
      • setOutput

        public void setOutput​(String output)
      • isServerSide

        public boolean isServerSide()
      • setServerSide

        public void setServerSide​(boolean serverSide)
      • isTestcase

        public boolean isTestcase()
      • setTestcase

        public void setTestcase​(boolean testcase)
      • readWSDL

        public void readWSDL()
                      throws javax.wsdl.WSDLException
      • packageFromTargetNamespace

        public String packageFromTargetNamespace()
      • getServiceList

        public List getServiceList()
        Returns a list of service names the names are QNames
      • getPortNameList

        public List getPortNameList​(QName serviceName)
        Returns a list of ports for a particular service the names are QNames
      • getActiveProject

        public com.intellij.openapi.project.Project getActiveProject()
      • setProject

        public void setProject​(com.intellij.openapi.project.Project project)
      • getTemp

        public File getTemp()
      • getModules

        public com.intellij.openapi.module.Module[] getModules()
      • getModuleSrc

        public String[] getModuleSrc​(String name)
      • getDefinitionNamespaceMap

        public Collection getDefinitionNamespaceMap()