Class AxisMessage

    • Constructor Detail

      • AxisMessage

        public AxisMessage()
    • Method Detail

      • getMessagePartName

        public String getMessagePartName()
      • setMessagePartName

        public void setMessagePartName​(String messagePartName)
      • setMessageFlow

        public void setMessageFlow​(ArrayList<Handler> operationFlow)
      • getDirection

        public String getDirection()
      • setDirection

        public void setDirection​(String direction)
      • getElementQName

        public QName getElementQName()
      • setElementQName

        public void setElementQName​(QName element)
      • getSchemaElement

        public getSchemaElement()
      • getName

        public String getName()
      • setName

        public void setName​(String name)
      • getExtensibilityAttributes

        public List getExtensibilityAttributes()
        This will return a list of WSDLExtensibilityAttribute
      • getSoapHeaders

        public ArrayList getSoapHeaders()
      • onEngage

        public void onEngage​(AxisModule axisModule,
                             AxisDescription engager)
                      throws AxisFault
        We do not support adding module operations when engaging a module to an AxisMessage
        onEngage in class AxisDescription
        axisModule - AxisModule to engage
        engager -
        AxisFault - something went wrong
      • addModuleRefs

        public void addModuleRefs​(String moduleName)
      • getPartName

        public String getPartName()
      • setPartName

        public void setPartName​(String partName)
      • isWrapped

        public boolean isWrapped()
      • setWrapped

        public void setWrapped​(boolean wrapped)
      • getEffectivePolicy

        public org.apache.neethi.Policy getEffectivePolicy()
      • calculateEffectivePolicy

        public org.apache.neethi.Policy calculateEffectivePolicy()
      • isPolicyUpdated

        public boolean isPolicyUpdated()