Class AxisEndpoint

    • Constructor Detail

      • AxisEndpoint

        public AxisEndpoint()
    • Method Detail

      • getEndpointURL

        public String getEndpointURL()
      • setEndpointURL

        public void setEndpointURL​(String endpointURL)
      • setProperty

        public void setProperty​(String name,
                                Object value)
      • getProperty

        public Object getProperty​(String name)
        name - name of the property to search for
        the value of the property, or null if the property is not found
      • getAlias

        public String getAlias()
      • setAlias

        public void setAlias​(String alias)
      • getName

        public String getName()
      • setName

        public void setName​(String name)
      • setBinding

        public void setBinding​(AxisBinding binding)
      • isEngaged

        public boolean isEngaged​(String moduleName)
        Description copied from class: AxisDescription
        Check if a given module is engaged at this level.
        isEngaged in class AxisDescription
        moduleName - module to investigate.
        true if engaged, false if not. TODO: Handle versions? isEngaged("addressing") should be true even for versioned modulename...
      • setParent

        public void setParent​(AxisService service)
      • setTransportInDescription

        public void setTransportInDescription​(String transportInDescName)
      • calculateEndpointURL

        public String calculateEndpointURL()
      • calculateEndpointURL

        public String calculateEndpointURL​(String hostIP)
      • isActive

        public boolean isActive()