Class WSInfoList

    • Field Detail

      • currentJars

        public Map currentJars
        All the currently updated jars
    • Method Detail

      • addWSInfoItem

        public void addWSInfoItem​(File file,
                                  Deployer deployer,
                                  int type)
        First checks whether the file is already available by the system call fileExists. If it is not deployed yet then adds to the jarList and to the deployment engine as a new service or module. While adding new item to jarList, first creates the WSInfo object and then adds to the jarlist and actual jar file is added to DeploymentEngine.

        If the files already exists, then checks whether it has been updated then changes the last update date of the wsInfo and adds two entries to DeploymentEngine - one for new deployment and other for undeployment.

        file - actual jar files for either Module or service
      • addWSInfoItem

        public void addWSInfoItem​(URL url,
                                  Deployer deployer,
                                  int type)
      • init

        public void init()
        Clears the jarlist.
      • update

        public void update()