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Package org.apache.axis2.transport.udp

Transport implementation for the UDP protocol.

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Package org.apache.axis2.transport.udp Description

Transport implementation for the UDP protocol.

This package contains a transport implementation allowing Axis to send and receive UDP packets. It is an implementation of "raw" UDP in the sense that the message is directly extracted from the UDP payload without any intermediate application protocol. This has several important implications:

See the documentation of org.apache.synapse.transport.udp.UDPListener for more information about how to configure a service to accept UDP packets. Endpoint references for the UDP transport are assumed to follow the following syntax:

The UDP transport can be enabled in the Axis configuration as follows:

 <transportReceiver name="udp" class="org.apache.synapse.transport.udp.UDPListener"/>
 <transportSender name="udp" class="org.apache.synapse.transport.udp.UDPSender"/>
It should be noted that given its characteristics, UDP is not a suitable transport protocol for SOAP, except maybe in very particular circumstances. Indeed, UDP is an unreliable protocol: However the unit tests show an example of how to use this transport with SOAP and WS-Addressing to achieve two-way asynchronous communication. Note that the transport has not been designed to implement the SOAP over UDP specification and will probably not be interoperable.

The main purpose of this transport implementation is to integrate Axis (and in particular Synapse) with existing UDP based protocols. See org.apache.synapse.format.syslog for an example of this kind of protocol.

Known issues and limitations

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