Class ActionsPlugin

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
com.intellij.openapi.components.ApplicationComponent, com.intellij.openapi.components.BaseComponent

public class ActionsPlugin
extends Object
implements com.intellij.openapi.components.ApplicationComponent


Application level plugin sample showing IDEA OpenAPI basics.
Implements ApplicationComponent interface.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void disposeComponent()
          This method is called on plugin disposal.
 String getComponentName()
          Returns the name of component
 void initComponent()
          Method is called after plugin is already created and configured.
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Constructor Detail


public ActionsPlugin()
Method Detail


public void initComponent()
Method is called after plugin is already created and configured. Plugin can start to communicate with other plugins only in this method.

Specified by:
initComponent in interface com.intellij.openapi.components.BaseComponent


public void disposeComponent()
This method is called on plugin disposal.

Specified by:
disposeComponent in interface com.intellij.openapi.components.BaseComponent


public String getComponentName()
Returns the name of component

Specified by:
getComponentName in interface com.intellij.openapi.components.BaseComponent
String representing component name. Use PluginName.ComponentName notation to avoid conflicts.

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