Class FactoryRegistry

  extended by org.apache.axis2.jaxws.registry.FactoryRegistry

public class FactoryRegistry
extends Object

FactoryRegistry Registry containing Factories related to the JAX-WS Implementation. The expected scenario is: 1) Most or all of the factories are registered during startup. 2) There are a large number of getFactory calls 3) There may be an infrequent call to setFactory. Thus a "copy on put" approach is used. This ensures that the "gets" are fast (because they are unsynchronized). The "puts" are slower because they create a new copy of the HashMap. See

Method Summary
static Object getFactory(Class intface)
          Get the factory.
static void setFactory(Class intface, Object factoryObject)
          Add the factory.
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Method Detail


public static Object getFactory(Class intface)
Get the factory. This may be called frequently.

intface - of the Factory
Object that is the factory implementation for the intface


public static void setFactory(Class intface,
                              Object factoryObject)
Add the factory. This should be called infrequently.

intface -
factoryObject -

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