Class HandlerPreInvokerImpl

  extended by org.apache.axis2.jaxws.handler.impl.HandlerPreInvokerImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HandlerPreInvokerImpl
extends Object
implements HandlerPreInvoker

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void preInvoke(MessageContext mc)
          preInvoke is called just prior to each JAXWS handler.handleMessage.
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Constructor Detail


public HandlerPreInvokerImpl()
Method Detail


public void preInvoke(MessageContext mc)
Description copied from interface: HandlerPreInvoker
preInvoke is called just prior to each JAXWS handler.handleMessage. Implementations may need to check if we are inbound or outbound, and client or server. Implementations may set up pre-conditions for handlers, such as saving a SOAP message body, to be checked by HandlerPostInvoker for illegal modifications.

Specified by:
preInvoke in interface HandlerPreInvoker

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