Class HandlerChainProcessor

  extended by org.apache.axis2.jaxws.handler.HandlerChainProcessor

public class HandlerChainProcessor
extends Object

Nested Class Summary
static class HandlerChainProcessor.Direction
static class HandlerChainProcessor.MEP
static class HandlerChainProcessor.TRACKER
Constructor Summary
HandlerChainProcessor(List<Handler> chain, Protocol proto)
Method Summary
static void convertToFaultMessage(MEPContext mepCtx, Exception e, Protocol protocol)
static void convertToFaultMessage(MEPContext mepCtx, Exception e, Protocol protocol, boolean checkMsg)
          Converts the Exception into an XML Fault Message that is stored on the MEPContext.
 boolean processChain(MEPContext mepCtx, HandlerChainProcessor.Direction direction, HandlerChainProcessor.MEP mep, boolean expectResponse)
 boolean processChainForClose(MEPContext mepCtx, HandlerChainProcessor.Direction direction)
 void processFault(MEPContext mepCtx, HandlerChainProcessor.Direction direction)
static void trackInternalCall(MessageContext mc, HandlerChainProcessor.TRACKER tracker)
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Constructor Detail


public HandlerChainProcessor(List<Handler> chain,
                             Protocol proto)
Method Detail


public boolean processChain(MEPContext mepCtx,
                            HandlerChainProcessor.Direction direction,
                            HandlerChainProcessor.MEP mep,
                            boolean expectResponse)
mc - By the time processChain method is called, we already have the sorted chain, and now we have the direction, MEP, MessageContext, and if a response is expected. We should be able to handle everything from here, no pun intended. Two things a user of processChain should check when the method completes: 1. Has the MessageContext.MESSAGE_OUTBOUND_PROPERTY changed, indicating reversal of message direction 2. Has the message been converted to a fault message? (indicated by a flag in the message)


public boolean processChainForClose(MEPContext mepCtx,
                                    HandlerChainProcessor.Direction direction)


public void processFault(MEPContext mepCtx,
                         HandlerChainProcessor.Direction direction)


public static void convertToFaultMessage(MEPContext mepCtx,
                                         Exception e,
                                         Protocol protocol)


public static void convertToFaultMessage(MEPContext mepCtx,
                                         Exception e,
                                         Protocol protocol,
                                         boolean checkMsg)
Converts the Exception into an XML Fault Message that is stored on the MEPContext. Note that if the forceConversion flag is true, this conversion will always occur. If the checkMsg flag is true, this conversion only occurs if the Message is not already a Fault (per 9,3,2.1 of the JAX-WS specification)

mepCtx - MEPContext
e - Exception
protocol - Protocol
forceConversion - If true, the Exception is always converted to a Message


public static void trackInternalCall(MessageContext mc,
                                     HandlerChainProcessor.TRACKER tracker)

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