Package org.apache.axis2.engine

Interface Summary
Handler A Handler represents a piece of message processing functionality in Axis2.
MessageReceiver An instance of MessageReceiver can be setup to receive messages.
ServiceLifeCycle When you want to initialize database connections , starting threads and etc..

Class Summary
AbstractDispatcher This the base class for all dispatchers.
AddressingBasedDispatcher Deprecated. use org.apache.axis2.dispatchers.AddressingBasedDispatcher
AxisConfiguration Class AxisConfiguration
AxisEngine There is one engine for the Server and the Client.
AxisServer This class provide a very convenient way of creating server and deploying services.
DependencyManager If the service implementation has an init method with 1 or 2 message context as its parameters, then the DependencyManager calls the init method with appropriate parameters.
Deployable A Deployable is a container for something (Phases, Handlers) which wants to be deployed in an ordered and constrained fashion via a DeployableChain.
DeployableChain<T> A DeployableChain is a container which manages dependencies between Deployables.
Handler.InvocationResponse This type encapsulates an enumeration of possible message processing instruction values that may be returned by a handler/phase within the runtime.
HTTPLocationBasedDispatcher Deprecated. use org.apache.axis2.dispatchers.HTTPLocationBasedDispatcher
InstanceDispatcher Deprecated. The functionality of this class has moved into the DispatchPhase postconditions
Phase A Phase is an ordered collection of Handlers.
RequestURIBasedDispatcher Deprecated. use org.apache.axis2.dispatchers.RequestURIBasedDispatcher
RequestURIOperationDispatcher Deprecated. use org.apache.axis2.dispatchers.RequestURIOperationDispatcher
SOAPActionBasedDispatcher Deprecated. use org.apache.axis2.dispatchers.SOAPActionBasedDispatcher
SOAPMessageBodyBasedDispatcher Deprecated. use org.apache.axis2.dispatchers.SOAPMessageBodyBasedDispatcher

Exception Summary

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