Interface AxisDataLocator

All Known Implementing Classes:
AxisDataLocatorImpl, PolicyDataLocator, SchemaDataLocator, WSDLDataLocator

public interface AxisDataLocator

AxisDataLocator interface defines getData API for retrieving data particularly metadata like WSDL, Policy, Schema. Web Service engines that have different methods in storing metadata or different types of data to retrieve may code their version of Data Locator(s)by implementing the AxisDataLocator interface. Axis 2 support Data Locator plugin by configuring in Axis2.xml or services.xml.

Method Summary
 Data[] getData(DataRetrievalRequest request, MessageContext msgContext)
          Retrieves and returns data based on the specified request.

Method Detail


Data[] getData(DataRetrievalRequest request,
               MessageContext msgContext)
               throws DataRetrievalException
Retrieves and returns data based on the specified request.

request - The DataRetrievalRequest allow to specify parameters about the request, and additional information to process the request.
msgContext - The MessageContext from the original request.
Data[] for the request.

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