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Uses of RelatesTo in org.apache.axis2.client

Methods in org.apache.axis2.client that return RelatesTo
 RelatesTo Options.getRelatesTo()
          Return a single instance of WS-Addressing RelatesTo that has a relationship type of either "" or "wsa:Reply".
 RelatesTo Options.getRelatesTo(String type)
          Get WS-Addressing RelatesTo item with a specified type.
 RelatesTo[] Options.getRelationships()
          Get all WS-Addressing RelatesTo items.

Methods in org.apache.axis2.client with parameters of type RelatesTo
 void Options.addRelatesTo(RelatesTo relatesTo)
          Add WS-Addressing RelatesTo item.
 void Options.setRelationships(RelatesTo[] list)
          Set WS-Addressing RelatesTo items.

Uses of RelatesTo in org.apache.axis2.context

Methods in org.apache.axis2.context that return RelatesTo
 RelatesTo MessageContext.getRelatesTo()
 RelatesTo MessageContext.getRelatesTo(String type)
          Get any RelatesTos of a particular type associated with this MessageContext TODO: Shouldn't this return a List?
 RelatesTo[] MessageContext.getRelationships()

Methods in org.apache.axis2.context with parameters of type RelatesTo
 void MessageContext.addRelatesTo(RelatesTo reference)
          Add a RelatesTo
 void MessageContext.setRelationships(RelatesTo[] list)

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